Estari was founded in 2018 by Jean Baptiste Oldenhove building on a decade of investment
and executive experience in positive change
towards clean and renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and a circular economy in fabrics

Jean Baptiste's leadership in sustainability led to the creation of a number of renewable platforms across Europe - producing today more than 1.5 TWh of clean energy and employing more than 100 people across Sweden, France, Austria and Germany.

It also led to the development of research and development in microbes and microorganisms applied to plants and soils in agriculture aiming
at improved productivity for farmers across both developed and less developed agri-economies (United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, China and Spain).

And finally the acceleration of a textile brand using 100% recycled fabrics for its products and the international growth of a foundation up-cycling waste from our oceans.


Estari team has considerable investment know-how and deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in each of Estari’s investment themes.

Team members gained professional experience in top tier institutions such as Bain & Company, HarbourVest, Morgan Stanley, Linklaters or Edmond de Rothschild.

The team builds on a diverse education background across Continental Europe, the UK and the US. 

Jean Baptiste Oldenhove
Lorenzo Fusco
Viktor Kovalev
Judith Debbasch
Sebastien Mahieu
Gaetane Schaeken
Richard Dennis OBE


The team is supported by an extensive network of advisers from the private, corporate, academic and public policy spheres who offer guidance on investment considerations.

This network is at the core of the support to portfolio companies on various issues, such as strategy, finance, governance, recruitment, development and impact measurement.