Providing growth capital for a more sustainable world

Estari is a growth equity investor providing capital and support to companies which aim to solve the world’s most pressing sustainability issues.

  • Estari is a long-term active investor. This is in full alignment with our sustainability purpose and the long-term goals our portfolio companies are seeking to achieve.
  • Sustainability is at the core of our investment themes.
  • Our sustainability analysis is based on a robust and yet agile framework to qualify investment opportunities and sustainability risks.

Growth equity to accelerate
Europe's sustainability journey

Estari is targeting leading companies in high growth market segments (above 30%)
which have positive unit economics and mitigate key risks.

Estari provides capital after the venture stages to accelerate European firms' leadership in sustainability
and consolidate Europe's edge on the transformation to a global sustainable economy.

Sustainability framework & Impact measurement

Estari developed a robust and yet agile proprietary sustainability framework that we use to qualify investment opportunities and risks.

Our analysis screens up to 47 criteria, across 2 dimensions (negative externalities and positive potential) and splits across 8 concrete research areas:

  • Energy
  • Natural resources
  • Water
  • Pollution
  • Waste
  • Health of ecosystems & biodiversity
  • Welfare & wellbeing
  • Governance & social progress

Our sustainability framework builds upon best practices and incorporates world standards inspired by UN SDGs, Future-Fit and GRI. It is constantly improved under the leadership of Estari’s sustainability committee.