Our Vision

We want to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world in which humans thrive by being more connected to each other, mindful of nature and fulfilled at work and in their lives.

Technological advancements, research and innovation hold the key to creating this positive change.

We are long-term, build on research and science. We focus on three investment themes where we see investment opportunities for disruption and value creation: the future of Cities, Food and Work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find and scale up innovative ideas and companies that drive systemic change around our investment themes: the Future of Cities, the Future of Food and the Future of Work.

Estari’s Investment Themes are interconnected: implementing positive change in one will impact the other. To take just an illustration, cities act as major drivers shaping the food chain and the work environment, eventually impacting human physical and mental health.

We aim at providing conscious capital to companies to:

  • Reduce the adverse impact of cities on the environment while making them a safe, healthy and thriving place for citizens
  • Feed a growing population with healthy and nutritious foods while restoring and maintaining ecosystems and providing equality in the food chain
  • Increase the number of people with relevant skills to get the job done, while fostering wellbeing in the workplace.

Profile as Investor

Estari is a value-driven investor providing capital to companies solving the most pressing human issues around the Future of Cities, the Future of Food and the Future of Work.

  • We are a long-term investor.
  • We have in-house knowledge and experience on our three Investment Themes and a deep understanding of technology, science and innovation.
  • We are able to leverage the insights of a network of experts that can guide our investment decisions and our portfolio companies.
  • We can build on a network of strategic co-investors with added value for companies.

Target Companies

Our target companies have high growth potential and the necessary strategic assets to be able to command a leadership position in their market.

We look for individuals, teams and companies 

  • innovative and with a bold approach to tackling a key societal or environmental issue;
  • entrepreneurial and pragmatic in their approach; and
  • demonstrating long-term commitment to ‘getting the job done’.

We favour situations in which Estari can be a reference shareholder and add value supporting the management team.

Our geographic focus is on companies active in, or wanting to develop in Europe.

Impact Measurement

We follow the principles of the Impact
Management Project and want Estari to go the
full way as to contribute to solutions.

Act to avoid harm

“ We have regulatory requirements to meet (e.g. I have to cut my carbon emissions) ”

“ We want to mitigate risks ”

“ We want to behave responsibly ”

Benefit Stakeholders

“ We want to have a positive effect on the world to sustain long-term financial performance ”

“ We want a world where all businesses try to have a positive effect on society ”

Contribute to solutions

“ We want to help tackle malnutrition in Africa ”

“ We want to help tackle the education gap ”

Source: Impact Management Project

Our investments are aligned with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

We focus on those in relation with human condition in urban areas, with preservation of our natural environment, with restoring a healthy food system and with people’s development at work.

Our themes all aim at improving health and wellbeing of humans.

We are an influential force and work with partners: corporate, investors, innovators and academics to create a more conscious capitalism, measuring its environmental and societal impact.